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We exist to help better understand the link between nutrition and behaviour

  • The Developing Brain

    Brain and behaviour

    The brain is the powerhouse of the central nervous system, responsible for thinking and learning, feeling, deciding, acting and reacting.

  • On your plate

    How Has Diet Changed?

    Given their high calorie intakes you might expect the mid-Victorians to be hugely overweight but early photographs reveal that the mid-Victorians were almost universally slim and well-muscled.

  • Micronutrients

    Nutrition and Pregnancy

    Current guidance to pregnant mothers does not stress how important the diet is for the healthy development of their baby’s brain. The maternal diet during pregnancy impacts brain development and cognitive abilities of the child for a long period of time, so it is crucial that thorough advice is given in order that mothers can make informed food choices during pregnancy.

  • Nutrition

    Brexit Government urged to take control of food, farming and fisheries for public good

    Concerns are expressed in a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May, and David Davies MP the Minister currently overseeing a new Unit advising the Government and PM on the post EU Referendum strategy. The letter, co-signed by over 80 food, farming, fair trade, poverty, animal welfare, wildlife, health and environmental organisations, argues that good food, farming and fishing policies must be central to any post EU Referendum strategy for the UK.

  • Mental Health

    Queen's Speech Comment

    We've commented on the Queen's Speech on 18 May. Nutrition will be core to delivering the government's priorities.

The Interesting Stuff

What you really need to know

  • Mental Health

    It is detrimental to brain structure and function when the diet is deficient in vitamins, minerals, fats and amino acids.

  • Brain & Learning

    What we eat affects our bodies, both in the short term and over months or years.

  • Ageing & Dementia

    As people age, they often expect to experience cognitive decline: memory problems and slower thinking.

  • Offending Behaviour

    Chronic deficiencies of crucial micronutrients may disrupt the normal functions of the mind.

  • Developing Brain

    Development is a complex, life-long dance between genes and many other factors.

  • About Micronutrients

    Micronutrients are about forty biochemicals that include vitamins, several fatty acids and a number of inorganic elements.

  • What Makes a Good Diet?

    Even when calorie and protein intake is adequate, micronutrient deficiency can occur if your range of foods is too narrow.

  • On Your Plate

    Have you ever wondered which foods contain the essential dietary fats and nutrients?

More About The Science

Some of the evidence for why it really matters

  • Policy

    Round Table Summary

    IFBB hosted a round table discussion in March 2016. The summary is now available to read online and download.

  • Mental Health

    Annual IFBB Lecture

    Prof Tom Brenna gave the IFBB Annual Lecture on "Nutrition and Behaviour: Are People and Governments Buying In?" at the Annual Lecture, Prize Giving and Lecture on 10 March 2016 at Goodenough College.

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