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The Institute for Food Brain and Behaviour (IFBB) exists to improve the lives of individuals and communities by conducting research into the link between nutrition and behaviour, promoting public understanding and working to effect policy change.

The science of micronutrients holds immense potential for good, both for public health issues like depression and cognitive decline in the elderly, and for social issues like education and violent crime. Now is an exciting time to be doing such science: the importance of micronutrients is better understood than ever before, government is more open to the scientific arguments, new methods are available, and there is a desire for new approaches to old problems. The IFBB believes that there is an accepted body of science which, if put into practice could benefit society as a whole, and that improving our diets could have a significant impact.

Why do we conduct research?

While the Institute draws upon and critically assesses the whole body of science at the intersection of nutrition and neuroscience we do commission research projects.  At present we are particularly interested in projects that:

  • Address perceived gaps in current knowledge
  • Have the potential to be translated into scalable interventions
  • Might have a specific contributory impact in the policy arena

Who advises the IFBB on its research strategy?

The Institute’s Board decides on the research strategy.  It is advised by an international Science Advisory Council (SAC) and by the Institute’s Fellows and Associate Fellows.

How do we fund research?

The Institute is not a grant-making charity.  Our research is currently commissioned and is funded by grants from Trusts and Foundations.

How do we assess project proposals?

Project proposals are assessed according to published peer review and conflicts of interest guidelines by members of the SAC.  For proposals over £25,000 the SAC is augmented by independent external assessors.  Results of the peer-review process are reported to the Board for final decision.

Who will we commission?

IFBB will commission research from academic departments in universities and clinical institutions throughout the UK.  The Board will consider commissioning overseas if the funding environment was appropriate.

Does that mean that you never accept applications?

While currently we are not able to process or fund external applications, we are always willing to explore partnerships and possibilities email us at

When will you review this strategy?

We aim to review this strategy annually.

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