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Secrets of the Teenage Brain

24th Mar 2017

Secrets of the Teenage Brain

We’ve worked with scientists, teenagers, parents and teachers to develop an animation that helps explain how the brain works and what we need to eat to keep it performing at its best. It’s a complicated story, but important.
We’ve even produced a handout to go with it if you want to find out more or see how you’re doing.

Now we need to get as many people to see it as possible – so we’re asking you to share the video and send it on its way into the big, wide world.

Join us – and tell your friends!

3 responses to “Secrets of the Teenage Brain”

  1. Sally Bunday says:

    Loved it. Can HACSG help to circulate the information leaflet at all.
    Let me Know, Best Regards, Sally Bunday MBE
    Founder/ Director HACSG, set up in 1977

  2. Excellent job. I will be happy to help promote this important message.

  3. Madeleine Sarley Pontin says:

    I am an assistant head teacher senco and safeguarding lead at Southwark Pupil Referral Unit – please include us in your research – I bet our mixed have very low omega 3 etc.

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