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New Eatwell guide published

17th Mar 2016

New Eatwell guide published

The IFBB is delighted with the new Eatwell guide published today. As part of the Eatwell plate review we recommended that consuming oily fish should be explicitly encouraged and that oils should be removed from the category that mainly represented energy dense, low nutrient foods.  It is great to see that our recommendations have been incorporated into the new guidelines.

The new Eatwell guide is now more nutritionally balanced and promotes a diet that is good for a healthy brain. It is a great step forward that the guide recommends to “aim for at least two portions (2 x 140g) of fish a week, including a portion of oily fish”. The guide also notes that “most people do not consume enough fish”. Additionally, we are extremely pleased to see that oils and spreads have now been put into their own category and are no longer within the group that mainly represented ‘junk foods’.

Increasing fish consumption to two portions a week will ensure that you get enough long chain essential fats within your diet along with various other vitamins and minerals. These are crucial for brain development, growth and maintenance and are therefore a vitally important part of the diet during all stages of life. Omega-3s have also been shown to have an important role in the treatment and prevention of various mental disorders such as ADHD, depression and psychosis. Dietary fat is crucially important as the brain is made up of 60% fat. Having a specific category for oils and spreads is very positive as they do have an important place within the diet.  

Our Chief Executive Dr Richard Marsh said “It’s essential that during all stages of life we eat the right foods to keep our brains healthy. I am delighted to see that the Eatwell guidelines now promote a diet that is good for the brain as well as overall health.”

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