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Food and Health Forum Inquiry 2008

16th Feb 2016

The Associate Parliamentary Food and Health Forum launched a groundbreaking report “The Links Between Diet and Behaviour; The influence of nutrition on mental health” in January 2008.

The charity was gratified to hear the inquiry’s chairman, Lord Rea, comment at the launch that the inquiry was inspired by the work of Natural Justice, now the Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour.

In the course of the inquiry, evidence was presented by Dr Bernard Gesch, former Director of Natural Justice, Professor John Stein and Professor Michael Crawford both Trustees and members of the Science Advisory Council of IFBB, and Captain Joe Hibbeln, member of the Institute’s Science Advisory Council. Slides of all four of these presentations can be found below.

In the report, the Parliamentarians emphasise that we should consider the impact of what we eat on our mental health, as well as our physical health.

In particular, the inquiry report looks at the evidence that diet affects the behaviour and performance of school children, the behaviour of offenders and people suffering from depression. More detailed information is available on the Forum’s website . The press release summarising the key recommendations and the final report can also be downloaded.

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