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Food for your Brain

  • Easy Meals

    Easy Meals

    Quick. Simple. Tasty. Nutritious.

  • On Your Plate

    On Your Plate

    Our short guide to essential micronutrients and which foods they are in.

  • Peckish?


    Have a look at some snack suggestions.

Healthy Breakfasts

Some ideas for breakfast

  • Super Food Smoothie

    Super Food Smoothie

    A great breakfast option packed with fruits and veg to give you a real boost.

  • Breakfast Bagel

    Breakfast Bagel

    A smoked salmon bagel to start the day? Yes please!

  • Boiled Egg and Soldiers

    Boiled Egg and Soldiers

    A boiled egg with wholemeal soldiers is full of phosphorus, which is a component of many molecules, including the phospholipids which make cell membranes.

  • A Festive Breakfast

    A Festive Breakfast

    Eggs contain B vitamins: deficiency has been associated with depression, forgetfulness, and irritability. Eggs also contain selenium which is akey nutrient for brain health.

Healthy Lunches

Lunch for one? Or sharing with friends? Try these out.

Healthy Dinners

Dinner, supper or tea? Whatever you call it, here are some great, healthy options.

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