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Research – whether basic scientific studies or the translational research that shows how our scientific findings apply to everyday life – lies at the heart of our mission. We are keen to share the findings and insights derived from our work with as many people as possible.

Translational Research

We are not just interested in scientific research. The Institute is keen that our scientific results are subjected to translational research, robust economic and social analysis to determine the cost-benefits of changing diets and their likely benefits for people and communities.

A history of research into essential micronutrients

How have we come to where we are today?  When did scientists first start thinking about micronutrients and how they affect our minds and bodies.  We asked our scientists to identify 20 publications to give a picture of how research has developed in the last hundred years.

2013 Colloquium

We hosted a gathering of 12 eminent scientists from around the world at a meeting in Oxford in June 2013.

Videos with some of the participants can be viewed below:


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