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What’s the problem?

We are what we eat. And we’re simply not eating enough of the right foods to keep our brains healthy. It’s a crisis of our own making – and it’s getting worse.

Most people know that our diet affects our physical wellbeing. But there’s not enough education about the need to develop and maintain a healthy brain.

Our brains influence and dictate our intelligence, our instincts, our alertness and every aspect of our behaviour. Without the right care, all these things will suffer.

We need to eat less junk and more foods rich in micronutrients and essential fatty acids.

If we don’t, then our brains will not function properly leading to major mental health problems and behavioural issues.

Who are we?

The Institute for Food Brain and Behaviour (IFBB) is a groundbreaking UK charity which aims to improve knowledge of the link between nutrition and behaviour.

We bring together scientists, nutritionists, teachers, cooks and caterers to spread our message.

We target our work in four key areas: Nutrition and Mental Health; Nutrition in Education and Learning; Nutrition and Offending Behaviours and Nutrition and the Ageing Brain.

What do we do?

We improve knowledge and promote good practice through a combination of scientific research, innovative education and practical projects.

Our pioneering studies in prisons and schools have shown that improved ‘brain diets’ result in changes and improvements to behaviour.

Our nutritional scientists share their knowledge online and by visiting schools, communities and organisations around Britain.

We work with partners to target the most essential stages in brain development – pregnant mothers; mothers of early years children and adolescents.

We actively campaign for and achieve change – to help educate the population and to encourage better eating.

What do we want?

We want change: change in the ways that people eat so that we build and sustain healthy brains, for the benefit of the individual and society as a whole.

We want education: clearer government guidelines to reflect the best science so that people are encouraged to eat more healthily and be able to make better choices. We want the topic addressed in schools from an early age.

We want to help: by targeting people and places where current eating habits and life-chances make them most at risk from the consequences of unhealthy brains.

Our Organisation

The Institute for Food, Brain & Behaviour is governed by a Board of Trustees who take overall responsibility for the charity’s strategic vision and policy.

We currently have four Science Fellows, and expect to expand this number over time.

The Institute currently has a Chief Operating Officer, augmented by contract consultants.

We are also fortunate to be able to call on the services of our Science Advisory Council.

We are thrilled to have Prue Leith as our Patron, as well as Lady Emma Fellowes as an Honorary Fellow.

We are grateful to John Leighfield and Rick Stein for acting as our Special Advisors.

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