Science Advisory Council

The Institute has established a Science Advisory Council to advise the Board on a strategic approach to the science that underlies our work. Scientific research lies at the heart of our mission and mandate and we are fortunate to have recruited an international Council of eminent scientists committed to our work.

It is chaired by Professor John Stein (Oxford University)

Professor Michael Crawford (Imperial College, London)

Capt.Joseph R Hibbeln (National Institutes of Health, Washington DC, USA)

Professor Sheila Innis (University of British Columbia, Canada)

Professor Andy Sinclair (Deakin University, Australia)

Professor Stephen Cunnane (Université de Sherbrooke, Canada)

Professor Tom Brenna (Cornell University, USA)

Dr Graham Burdge (University of Southampton)

Dr Peter Willats (University of Dundee)


Information on our research stragegy, peer review strategy and conflicts of interest policy can be found on our Research Policies page.