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Aylesbury Study Information

5th Feb 2016

Aylesbury Study Information

A major piece of research comprising a two year clinical trial was run at Aylesbury Young Offenders Institution by Dr Bernard Gesch. From 1995-97, field work was conducted at the prison using food supplements as a proxy for a healthy diet. The results of the trial were startling. The prisoners who received active capsules committed 37% fewer violent offences and 26% fewer offences overall, whereas the rates of disciplinary incidents remained substantially unchanged for those receiving placebos.

This double blind, placebo-controlled, randomised trial, published in the British Journal of Psychiatry (2002) Vol. 181, pages 22-28, attracted an extremely favourable response from the academic community for the high standard of the methodology, as well as considerable press interest.

3 responses to “Aylesbury Study Information”

  1. Frank Search says:

    WOW if this is the case is the MOJ going to roll this out on a wider scale other than just Aylesbury?

  2. jenny says:

    50 years from now if we are lucky!

  3. amanda jennings says:

    I went to see Dr Bernard Gesch giving a lecture on this study and if my memory serves me right – he said that prisoners were queuing up in the morning for their tablets – one of them saying they were now going to the ‘loo’ when they normally only go once a week or worse……………….that alone can cause neurological issues…….

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