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Henry Kitchener Prize

The Institute for Food Brain and Behaviour launched the Henry Kitchener Prize in 2014, in memory of Henry, 3rd Earl Kitchener, trustee of the Institute and its predecessor organisations. Henry was an early pioneer in engaging with the scientific evidence that nutrition affects behaviour. We want to encourage young scientists to explore how scientific research in this area might help solve practical problems.

The Institute is grateful to Henry’s niece, Lady Emma Fellowes, her sponsorship of the prize.



Past Questions

2014 – Junior Prize Question: “How does what we eat affect our brains?

2014 – Senior Prize Question: “How has the modern diet contributed to the increase in mental ill-health?

2015 – Both prizes answered the same question: “In the light of how our diet has changed over the last century, how does nutrition affect the developing brain?

Future Prizes

Details of the 2016 Prize will be available later this year.

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